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Australia Post at Sydney Central, 13/477 Pitt Street in Sydney, New South Wales

Australia Post in Sydney Central, 13/477 Pitt Street, New South Wales: reviews, opening times, drive directions, photos, contacts etc.

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Sydney Central, 13/477 Pitt Street,
Sydney, New South Wales
2000, Australia
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Phone: +61 13 13 18

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Reviews about Australia Post

  • Skullview666
    1 /5
    Like most post offices, this place is full of staff that have their heads all screwed on backwards. I hate having to deal with cross-counter menials and their bumbling attempts at service and any mechanical device that avails itself for my use and enables me to avoid lower life-form interaction is a godsend, so the self-help machines are perhaps the best idea the post office has ever had. Unfortunately, the bottom feeding cretins love to limit the machines capabilities for some reason, so when I went in there to try and weigh a package to send off, some bespectacled skeleton looking loser wanted to jump in and give me advice that I didn't ask for and felt was unwarranted. He then went and told some other loser with a bulbous bobble head and an accent so thick I had no idea what he was on about, but apparently I'm not allowed to use the machines if a package is over a certain weight, even though there are no signs saying such and I'm not sure how you can guess the weight of a box from a distance anyway. To make matters worse, I was forced to waste my time waiting in line so the box can be weighed by yet a third loser, only to have the cost of the package end up EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE PRICE GIVEN TO ME BY THE MACHINE!! Way to unnecessarily waste my time for no reason Australia Post. Way to also infuriate me for forcing me to deal with epic sponge-heads that aren't fit to wipe a lepers ass! You're all idiots!
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About Australia Post in Sydney, New South Wales

Australia Post is located at Sydney Central, 13/477 Pitt Street, Sydney, New South Wales.